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The Institutional Animal Care Committee (IACC) ensures that the standards for the care and use of animals for research are upheld, as defined by the Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC).

Regarding responsibilities, the IACC must, among other things, ensure that no research project or test involving the use of animals is undertaken without approval. The IACC must ensure that all animal users complete an animal use protocol form.

IACC mandate

The IACC reviews submitted research protocols using laboratory animals by ensuring that the 3 Rs strategy, i.e. replacement, reduction and refinement, is applied and respected. It also evaluates the impact of experiments on animal welfare.

The IACC must always ensure that all animals receive optimal physical and psychological care in the context of research or educational activities conducted at the CRCHUM or in collaboration with it.

The IACC refers to CCAC guidelines on the ethical use of animals in research, as well as the various relevant federal, provincial, or municipal regulations and institutional requirements.


The IACC is composed of at least the following members:

  • the veterinarian
  • the head of the animal facility
  • the committee coordinator
  • the associate coordinator
  • scientists who use animals in their research and who represent, as much as possible, the areas of research most in demand
  • a representative of the institution that does not use animals
  • an animal health technician or person in charge of animal care and maintenance
  • a public representative not involved in research activity
  • a student community representative at the CHUM research centre

Ultramodern facilities for the best care

The CRCHUM animal facility is one of 19 core facilities supporting research, including transgenesis and small animal phenotyping and imaging.

Various specialized laboratory services are offered there.

The animal facility is equipped to house large species, rodents, fish and immunocompromised animals, and includes Containment Level 2 (CL2) facilities.

All animals are housed and handled at the CRCHUM animal facility.

Our team

Christian Demers

Christian Demers


Geneviève Lauzon

Geneviève Lauzon

Assistant coordinator

Nathalie Rousseau

Nathalie Rousseau

Assistant coordinator

The animal facility of the CRCHUM

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