2013 to 2023: 10 years together

Behind the scenes at the CHUM Research Centre, a rich, international and diverse community buzzes. It is driven by the desire to build a healthy future for all of Quebec.

If science is driven by ideas large and small, it above all is driven by the collaboration of people from a variety of backgrounds who all share an insatiable desire to understand and make a difference in people’s lives.

CRCHUM researchers work hard every day to develop cutting-edge treatments and interventions. They often do so in the shadows.

Discover how we have been shaping tomorrow’s discoveries over the past ten years in the following pages.

Here. For you. With you.


From past to future

CRCHUM was formed in 1996 by joining three founding hospitals: Hôtel-Dieu, Hôpital Notre-Dame and Hôpital Saint-Luc.


Signature du protocole

On the photo: The president of Université de Montréal, René Simard, and Minister Jean Rochon sign the agreement creating CHUM. They are surrounded by de Guy Coulombe, chair of the implementation commitee, Chancellor André Bisson, also chair of the board of directors of Hôpital Notre-Dame, Yvon Turcot, chair of the board of directors of Hôpital Saint-Luc, and Denise Lafond, vice-chair of the board of directors of Hôtel-Dieu. 
Credit: Bernard Lambert, Journal Forum, Université de Montréal.

On March 25, 2010, the Government of Quebec launched the construction of the Research Centre. This is the first step of the creation of the new CHUM, carried out under a public-private partnership with Accès Recherche Montréal (PPP).


Première pelletée de terre

On the photo: Richard Deschamps, responsible for economic development, infrastructures and roads for Ville de Montréal, Dre Marie-Josée Dupuis, Director of Education of CHUM, Jacques Turgeon, Director of CRCHUM, Yves Bolduc, Minister of Health and Social Services, Jean Charest, Quebec Prime Minister, Monique Gagnon-Tremblay, Chair of the Conseil du trésor and Minister responsible for Government Administration, Christian Paire, CEO of CHUM.

In October 2013, the Centre opened a new chapter in its history when it opened a new modern research complex in the heart of downtown Montreal. The consolidation of research teams previously scattered across various sites breathed new enthusiasm into the Centre and stimulated productive multidisciplinary collaboration. The recruiting of many world-class researchers also helped position CRCHUM effectively on the world health research stage.


Coupe du ruban - inauguration phase 1

On the photo: Daniel Breton, MNA for Sainte-Marie-Saint-Jacques, Michel Leblanc, construction project director, Christian Paire, CEO of CHUM, Pierre Duchesne, Minister of Advanced Education, Research, Science and Technology, Dr Réjean Hébert, Minister of Health and Social Services and responsible for Seniors, Jacques Turgeon, Director of CRCHUM.

The construction of the CRCHUM was completed on time and on budget and the project received several honors, in addition to the LEED Gold Certification from the Canada Green Building Council:


Duration: 1:42
  • Project of the year 2014 – Project Management Institute – Montreal Chapter, Élixir Contest.
  • Best commercial real estate project – Real Estate Awards of Excellence 2014, Montreal Real Estate Forum, Urban Development Institute of Québec.
  • Best World Social Project – Infrastructure investment awards 2012, World Finance.

Video: Construction of the CRCHUM building.

With the opening of the new CHUM in 2017, patients and the public have access to a cutting-edge university hospital complex that conducts research, delivers care and provides teaching at a single site. This new strength create an outstanding environment to accelerate research and innovation serving patients and the public.


Édifice et amphithéâtre
Édifices extérieurs du CHUM


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