Research Partnership 

The CRCHUM conducts research in partnership with many stakeholders from Quebec, Canada and around the world: universities, research centres, manufacturers, health authorities, public or private decision makers, health agencies, foundations and associations.  

The Research Centre recognizes the importance of these partnerships and collaborations for the development of cutting-edge and impactful research. 

Through these research partnerships, the CRCHUM maintains a long tradition of global university collaboration, in many areas of biomedical science and healthcare research.  

If you would like to submit proposals for basic, clinical or population health research initiatives, please contact us

Occasional Research Contracts   

The CRCHUM’s research partnership culture is well known: more than 800 research contracts are signed by its research teams every year. 

Several grant programs, at the provincial and federal levels, are available to fund university research projects conducted in partnership with private companies.  

View the directory to see the areas of expertise of the CRCHUM’s teams according to your research needs and contact the researcher to plan a one-time research collaboration.

Access to our research infrastructure, expertise and consultation 

The CRCHUM offers external customers—academic institutions and private companies—access to a large number of state-of-the-art core facilities (cytometry, animal facility, pharmacokinetics, etc.). 

View the list of the Research Centre’s 20 core facilities*

*For more details and to contact the person responsible for each platform.

View the list of laboratories and areas of expertise

The Next Generation and the Development of Highly Qualified Employees     

Research projects conducted in partnership may include graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. This approach promotes the development of the next generation of researchers.  

MITACS is a federal funding agency for research projects conducted in partnership that support the advancement of the next generation of scientists and links private companies with academic institutions. Do not hesitate to contact us for partnerships involving an application to MITACS. 

Thanks to the directory of areas of expertise (lien actif pour fiches bio des chercheurs), you can contact the researcher directly to present a grant application for funding for a joint research project.   



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