The CRCHUM at a glance

Édifice CRCHUM

Université de Montréal's affiliated hospital research centre, the CRCHUM, is one of North America’s leading hospital research centres.

Here, basic, clinical and population health research are carried out side-by-side under one roof. 

The Fonds de recherche du Québec — Santé, the provincial body responsible for funding research facilities, confirmed the CRCHUM’s standing as a major Canadian research institution by awarding it an “exceptional” rating in its 2020-2026 strategic plan.  

A seat of internationally renowned scientific research, the CRCHUM’s research is rooted in its dynamic community and offers a diversified, fair and inclusive environment for the training of scientists who will leave their marks on the world stage of research tomorrow. 

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The CRCHUM improves the health of adults through a high-quality academic research continuum which, by furthering our understanding of etiological and pathogenic mechanisms, fosters the development, implementation and assessment of new preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic strategies.

CRCHUM provides a training environment to ensure the development of new generations of researchers committed to research excellence.


The CRCHUM seeks to attain the highest standards of excellence in the development of new knowledge, in line with the hospital's mission. As one of the hospital's department, the CRCHUM seeks to play a major role in improving health care and health promotion. It fosters interdisciplinary exchanges and harmonizes laboratory research collaborations with patients and the population with a view to promoting health.

In figures*

  • >160 principal scientists

    >325 investigators

    ≈500 graduate students and postdoctoral fellows

    >875 research staff members and 180 employees in support

  • >$103M in research revenues

    36 research chairs, including 12 Canada research chairs

    ≈1215 peer-reviewed publications

    371 clinical or epidemiological trials underway

  • 2 research buildings with an area of 48 000 m2

    75 basic research laboratories

    19 core facilities + 1 pharmacy

    1 cyclotron

* Data as of March 31, 2023

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