Health innovation and evaluation hub

Groupe de discussion avec une patiente partenaire

This research theme was born out of the desire to make the CHUM a learning, teaching and communicating hospital and to help achieve sustainable development goals related to individual and population health issues.

Research at the HUB is therefore multidisciplinary and cross-cutting. Teams consist of researchers, doctors, health professionals, managers, patient partners and citizen partners.  

Its research activities and knowledge transfer frequently take place in actual healthcare settings or in the community. They are carried out in partnership with stakeholders from these settings and, more particularly, with the different directorates of the CHUM.   

Research at the HUB revolves around the following themes: 

Improvement of professional practices/disease prevention/health promotion

  • Communication between stakeholders and patients; anti-smoking efforts; promotion of physical activity and a healthy diet in different populations; substance abuse prevention; addictions; medical/surgical practices; and health outcomes.  

Transformation and impact of the healthcare system/services/programs and public policy 

  • Impact and actions of including patient partners in research; actions and practices surrounding organ donation; innovative and humanistic healthcare; public policy and systems transformation; learning health systems.  

Epidemiology/health risks 

  • Occupational/environmental risks and cancer; cohort monitoring; distribution of diseases and health conditions in the population; social inequalities.  

Digital health 

  • Development of digital tools to facilitate pain management; interventions for self-management of chronic diseases; development of digital tools; integrating digital tools in health systems. 

Implementation science/assessment/pragmatic trials in real-life settings/advanced quantitative and qualitative methods/knowledge transfer 

  • Barriers and facilitators for the implementation of interventions that have proven effective; assessment of the impact of interventions in real healthcare settings and in the community; development and applications of new methodological approaches; development of knowledge transfer strategies.  

The HUB offers the CRCHUM and CHUM communities unique and participatory science activities including the following:  

Emerging protocols 

  • Monthly activity whose aim is to provide feedback to researchers on research protocols in progress. 

Familiarization with methods 

  • Occasional activity that allows researchers to learn about emerging methodologies and to promote the proper use of commonly used methods. 

Idea incubator 

  • Discussion activities to identify clinical, management and population health issues and challenges that could eventually be the subject of research projects.  

Cultivate a learning CHUM  

  • Discussion and knowledge transfer activities to facilitate the dissemination of knowledge gained through research.  

Do you know Éval-INCHUM

The Éval-INCHUM platform provides services to SMEs and start-ups in Quebec for the conceptualization and conduct of scientific and medical-economic evaluations of digital health technologies in real-world settings (hospital, patients’ home, etc.). 

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