Gagné, Geneviève


Health professional

Centre de recherche du CHUM

Research theme

Planning, programming and research officer

514-890-8000, ext.: 20152


The patient who needs immediate assistance should not communicate directly with the researcher. Instead, they should call the doctor’s office or take other appropriate measures, such as going to the nearest emergency service.

Other affiliations

Social Workers and Conjugal and Family Therapists Order – OTSCTFQ

Member of the board
Continuing education comity’s president

First Psychosis Episods Program’s Quebec Association – AQPPEP


Family work
Cultural Safety
Peer workers and family peer workers
Continuing education, clinical supervision
Psychosis, early Intervention
Group interventions

Research interests

Since 2010, I’ve profesionnaly grown in the field of First Psychosis Episod Programs.

Mainly, my interests revolve around amelioration and innovations of mental health practices towards more cultural safety and in respect of family and loved ones specific needs. Purchasing those goals, I’m interested in program’s revision and continuing education strategies for health professionals. Peer-workers, family peer-workers and groups interventions are also of big interest to me.