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Associate professor Department of Environmental and Occupational Health, École de santé publique, Université de Montréal

Research Interests

Main research interest is assessment of occupational exposures for occupational epidemiology and industrial hygiene.

Areas of active research involve:

  • Development of a job-exposure matrix using expert ratings of occupational exposures made during several population-based case-control studies of cancer in the Montréal general area.
  • Creation of a retrospective occupational exposure databank for the province of Quebec using measurements made since the 1980s by governmental hygienists in this province.
  • Exploitation of publicly available databases of retrospective industrial hygiene measurements.
  • Statistical modeling of occupational exposures using modern methods (e.g. multimodel inference, Bayesian models) to help indentify determinants of exposures.
  • Knowledge translation of current start of the art statistical approaches to comparing measured exposure levels to occupational exposure limits.
  • Design and evaluation of performance of sampling strategies in industrial hygiene.

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