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Core facilities and services


Céline Coderre

Céline Coderre


Principal manager, scientific performance

Erik Joly

Erik Joly


Manager, research support office and research and core facility development

The CRCHUM’s core facilities –

       Key assets for your research activities

Driven by excellence, the CRCHUM is home to 19 state-of-the-art core facilities. Supported by specialists with unique areas of expertise, these core facilities help accelerate the research projects of CRCHUM teams as well as those of the external scientific community, both from academia and industry.  

The mission of the core facilities? To speed up the scientific process and encourage innovation and high-level scientific collaborations.  

In addition to offering personalized support that is tailored to research needs, the teams working at the core facilities can help scientific teams develop new methods and approaches.  

Do not hesitate to contact the managers of each of the core facilities for more details about the services they offer. 

Core facilities staff

A dedicated team to meet your needs.

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