Research Ethics Board


Pavilion R 900, Saint-Denis Street
Montreal, QC H2X 0A9
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The mandate of the Research Ethics Board is to ensure the protection of research participants. 

By evaluating the ethical implications of research methods and design, it ensures that the research project respects the dignity, well-being and rights of participants.  

To this end, it can approve, modify, refuse, suspend or stop any research project involving human participants. 

Camille Assemat
President of the Research ethics board

Karine Bédard
Head of the ethics office

Lynda Ferlatte 
Assistant to the President of the CÉR CHUM
Assistant to the Head of the ethics office
 • Responsible, CÉR CHUM staff
 • Responsible, Office management
 • Responsible, Technical Support
 • Responsible, IT support for Nagano

M. Yves Poirier

Chantale Ferlatte
Administration – Finance

Antonine Pouyes-Rigaud 
Research assistant

Renante Josaphat