Research technical support service (SSTR) – CRCHUM


Pavilion R 900, Saint-Denis Street
Montreal , QC H2X 0A9
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The Research Technical Support Service (RTSS) is responsible for managing several services made available to CRCHUM research teams.  

Services offered

  • Laundry and sterilization for basic research 
  • Research equipment (purchasing, alarms, maintenance, calibration, repairs and inventory) 
  • Touch screens 
  • Biobar service, including nitrogen and gas cylinders  
  • Space management 
  • Access management 

Space planning, building services management  / washing facilities service 

Hélène Richard
Coordonnator, SSTR and space management
514-890-8000, ext. 30724

Marjorie Cortes-Galarneau
Administration technician

Maintenance of laboratory equipment 

Daniel Laferrière
Maintenance technician
514-890-8000, ext. 35711

Access management, biobar services, gas, dry ice, order support services 

Jessica Deschênes
Administration Technician
514-890-8000, ext. 31542

Sterilization services 

Viviane Larose
Sterilization attendant
514-890-8000, ext. 30337

Martine Freeman
Sterilization attendant
514-890-8000, ext. 30337

Line Chiasson
Sterilization attendant

Nourddine Moussaoui
Sterilization attendant


RTSS administrative services