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Full professor Department of social and preventive medicine, École de santé publique, Université de Montréal

Theme leader Health Innovation and Evaluation Hub , CRCHUM

Other Affiliation

Researcher Léa-Roback Research Centre on Social Inequalities in Health in Montreal, Université de Montréal

Research Interests

Our research focuses on socio-environmental determinants of involvement physical activity, interventions to promote physical activity at the population level, and social determinants of disordered eating. Methodologically, our work draws upon innovative quantitative and epidemiologic methods including multilevel modeling methods, ecometrics, systematic social observation, and ecological momentary assessment. Our team investigates how different neighbourhood characteristics can influence people's lifestyle choices, what neighbourhood features can become the target of public health interventions, and on how these interventions can successfully shape urban residential areas.

In addition to publishing work in the peer-reviewed scientific literature, our team is actively engaged in knowledge transfer and exchange activities. Ongoing research projects and knowledge and exchange activities are developed in partnership with researchers and interventionists at the Montreal Public Health Department.

Health innovation and evaluation hub

This research theme was born out of the desire to make the CHUM a learning, teaching and communicating hospital and to help achieve sustainable development goals related to individual and population health issues. Research at the HUB is therefore multidisciplinary and cross-cutting. Teams con…

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