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If you need medical assistance, you MUST NOT contact the researcher directly. For immediate assistance, call 811 or 911.


Heart surgeon CHUM

Full professor Department of surgery, Université de Montréal

Other Affiliations

Clinical research scholar - Senior Fonds de recherche du Québec en Santé (FRQS)

Honorable Member Kentucky Colonels

Research Interests

  • Ultra-fast track hear surgery, open heart surgery, heart surgery with conscious patients, use of upper thoracic epidural in heart surgery and lung transplantation.
  • Basic research into the application of cell therapy for myocardial protection following acute myocardial infarction. Demonstration of cell fusion of implanted stem cells and cardiomyocytes, development of a new therapeutic approach involving the indirect paracine effect of adult stem cells.


Metabolic diseases, including obesity and diabetes, are major risk factors for the development of several chronic diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, and are the leading causes of mortality and morbidity in Western countries. The research components of this multidisciplinary axis foc…

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