Louise ROY

Louise ROY


If you need medical assistance, you MUST NOT contact the researcher directly. For immediate assistance, call 811 or 911.


Nephrologist CHUM

Associate clinical professor Department of Medicine, Université de Montréal

Research Interests

  • Local pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies in renal failure.  
  • Principal investigator of clinical research studies at the CHUM, in the field of clinical pharmacology in renal failure, and in pharmacoepidemiology. Participation in multicenter studies subsidized by the pharmaceutical industry in hypertension, nephroprotection and dialysis.


Metabolic diseases, including obesity and diabetes, are major risk factors for the development of several chronic diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, and are the leading causes of mortality and morbidity in Western countries. The research components of this multidisciplinary axis foc…

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