Quantifying nanoscale changes in populations of cells at high throughput with flow-based 3D localization microscopy

At the May 21, CRCHUM conference, we will hear from Lucien Weiss, Assistant Professor, Department of Engineering Physics, Polytechnique Montreal.

Attaining three-dimensional data at high throughput is a grand challenge in microscopy. We propose and demonstrate a novel solution to enable the collection of 3D positions in thousands of cells each minute by merging two technologies in fluorescence microscopy: point-spread-function engineering and imaging flow cytometry. We have applied our approach to monitor DNA compaction of fluorescently tagged DNA loci in yeast at >1000 cells each minute, and by characterizing the uptake of nanoparticles in human cancer cells. Finally, I will discuss the opportunities of deploying single-cell techniques in tandem to elucidate drug susceptibility and disease mechanisms.

FRIDAY, MAI 21, 2021 – 12 P.M. TO 1 P.M. 

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Lucien Weiss is joining Polytechnique Montreal as an Assistant Professor of Engineering Physics. He performed his graduate studies at Stanford University under W. E. Moerner, where he characterized the movements of individual signaling proteins using single-molecule imaging techniques. He continued to develop ultrasensitive methods as a Zuckerman Postdoctoral Fellow in Yoav Shechtman's Nano-bio-optics lab at the Israel Institute of Technology. His group, opening this Fall, will be developing instruments to span broad spatiotemporal scales: from single molecules to populations of cells with applications to ultrasensitive biosensing and diagnostics.


Invited by Frédéric Leblond
Imagering and Engineering Research Theme

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