10 Years, 10 EDI Key Strategies

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The CRCHUM is committed to instilling the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in all its spheres of activity.

To do so, we have adopted an EDI policy that mirrors our resolve to offer a safe, respectful work and study environment where every member of our community can contribute to making the CRCHUM a place in which everyone can belong and develop their full potential.

Here is our EDI initiative in 10 key strategies:

  1. Adopting an EDI policy
  2. Adopting a policy against harassment and incivility
  3. Promoting an inclusive workplace
  4. Implementing an EDI committee
  5. Developing inclusive recruitment and onboarding practices
  6. Implementing EDI communications and events
  7. Awareness and training on EDI in health research
  8. Better inclusion of sex, gender and sexual minorities in the research process
  9. Adopting the cultural safety approach
  10. EDI guidance and support for grant applications

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Visit our section dedicated to equity, diversity and inclusion

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10 Years, 10 EDI Key Strategies


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