Drugs, bugs, and cancer

On Friday, January 17, 2020, the CRCHUM Conferences will host Jean-Simon Diallo, assistant professor in the department of biochemistry, microbiology and immunology and scientist at the Ottawa hospital research institute (OHRI).


Decades of research have led to the recent approval of oncolytic viruses (OVs) as a new modality for the treatment of cancer. However, there remain many challenges to achieving broad efficacy using first generation OVs. Our lab has pioneered the development of small molecule viral sensitizers to enhance OV therapy. A summary of our progress will be presented along with more recent research avenues that stem from the discoveries we have made over the past decade in studying mechanisms of action and heterogeneity of response to oncolytic virotherapy.

As part of the ICM Scientific Day.

This conference will be presented in English.

Friday, January 17, at noon
Auditorium of the CRCHUM , R05.210 and R05.220
900 Saint-Denis Street, 5th floor 
Montreal (Quebec), H2X 0A9

Jean-Simon Diallo, Ph.D.
Assistant professor, Department of biochemistry, microbiology and immunology and scientist, Ottawa hospital research institute (OHRI)

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