Guiding principles

To ensure success in implementing the action plan and in meeting the equity, diversity and inclusion goals, the following guiding principles must be applied: 

  • Management’s involvement: Management plays an essential role in the development of the institution’s culture and must promote equity, diversity and inclusion to create an environment conducive to equity, diversity and inclusion. It’s a collective effort which all members of management need to participate in.  

  • The community’s involvement: equity, diversity and inclusion concern the entire CRCHUM community. To ensure the success of the action plan, it is essential that the entire community understands its basis and priorities. 

  • Student participation: It is essential to allow CRCHUM students to take part in equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives. 

  • Communications: Clear and coherent communications that facilitate the integration of equity, diversity and inclusion are essential to establishing an inclusive culture. 


Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance.

—Verna Myer


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