Core facilities

The CHUM Research Centre is home to 20 state-of-the-art core facilities and services. Our specialized equipment and the unique expertise of our staff allow us to offer personalized support that meets the research needs of researchers at the CHUM Research Centre as well as those of our industry- and university-based clients.

Animal facility



Biosafety Level 3 (BSL3)

Cellular imaging

Cellular physiology

The CHUM Center for the Integration and Analysis of Medical Data (CITADEL) is one of the initiatives adopted to facilitate a CHUM that learns, teaches and communicates. The project was born from the need to structure (and validate) data sources (clinical, administrative, financial, management, research) in order to use them for research and continuous improvement of health interventions.

To visit the CITADEL website. (In french only temporarily)


Experimental imaging




Molecular pathology


Phenotyping of the rodents – Cardiovascular

Phenotyping of the rodents – Metabolic

Public Patient Partnerships (PPP) in Research

Radiochemistry and cyclotron

Transgenesis and animal modelling

Unit for Innovative therapies (UIT)


Policies and procedures

Policy of CRCHUM core facilities; section 1 -Internal management of activities and services

Procedure for the financial management of CRCHUM core facilities

Procedure for customer service management within the CRCHUM's core facilities

Procedure for the management of scientific core facilities: maintenance, calibration/certification and repair

Policy of CRCHUM's core facilities; section 2 - Equipment and services for clients

Procedure for implantation, maintenance and removal of equipment and services in the CRCHUM scientific core facilities

Procedure for equipment access and services offered on CRCHUM core facilities for internal and external clients

Procedure for accessing core facilities according to research agreements between CHUM / Researchers and External Organism

Procedure for approval of contractual agreements between CRCHUM core facilities and companies