Mélanie DIEUDE

Mélanie DIEUDE


The patient who needs immediate assistance should not communicate directly with the researcher. Instead, they should call the doctor’s office or take other appropriate measures, such as going to the nearest emergency service.


Associate professor Department of microbiology, infectiology and immunology, Université de Montréal

Other Affiliation

Executive Director Canadian National Transplantation Research Program (CNTRP)

Research Interests

Determining the impact of tissue injury and cell death on autoimmune responses of importance in solid organ rejection, graft versus host disease, autoimmune diseases and cardiovascular diseases.


The Immunopathology Research Theme comprises a group of researchers spanning the basic and clinical research continuum and focusing on the immune/inflammatory processes involved in the disturbance and restoration of homeostasis. These activities are rooted in shared visions regarding explorat…

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