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Infectious disease specialist Department of Medicine, CHUM

Full professor Department of medicine, Université de Montréal

Other Affiliation

Merit Research Scholar FRQS

Research Interests

I am a physician-scientist with expertise in human immunovirology. My laboratory conducts bench research oriented towards clinical translation. We apply a wide array of cutting-edge technologies and analytical approaches to address knowledge gaps in HIV and SARS-CoV-2 infections. 

Our major areas of research are: 

  1. The molecular basis of T cell impairment in HIV infection, with an emphasis on altered differentiation and immune exhaustion. 
  2. The understanding of effective CD4 T cell help in anti-HIV immunity, and the assessment of immunotherapeutic strategies, in particular broadly neutralizing antibodies, to modulate such responses. 
  3. The links between differentiation and regulation of CD4 T cells and their role as viral reservoirs, both in humans and in animal models. 
  4. The immunovirological determinants of severe COVID-19 disease and of sustained antiviral immunity after clinical recovery. 
  5.  The dynamics of protective immunity induced by SARS-CoV-2 vaccines, and the defects in responses associated with breakthrough infections, in particular in immunocompromised individuals. 

 The overarching goal of these studies is to better understand protective and detrimental immune responses in major viral infections, which could spur development of new therapeutic or prophylactic approaches. 

My laboratory provides a dynamic and collaborative research environment, with excellent opportunities for training in diverse experimental and analytical approaches, this at the undergraduate, MSc, PhD and postdoctoral levels.


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