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Associate scientific director Student and postdoctoral affairs, CRCHUM

Director Host Response to Viral Infections Laboratory, CRCHUM

Professor Department of biochemistry and molecular medicine, Université de Montréal

Other Affiliation

Adjunct professor Department of microbiology and immunology, Université de Montréal

Research Interests

Viruses are a threat to human health that worsens with new epidemics and the emergence of new viruses. An ongoing global effort to combat the virus is to develop host-directed antivirals as an alternative to traditional antiviral drugs that promote the development of resistant viruses. Our research aims to understand the interaction between a virus and host cells to identify mechanisms that could be targeted to develop new antivirals. We pursue several lines of research: 

  • To determine the role of redox metabolism in antiviral defense and in the pathogenesis associated with the virus. We use cellular, biochemical and proteomic biology approaches to determine the source and impact of ROS. 
  • To determine the role of autophagy in respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) replication responsible for bronchiolitis and pneumonia in children and the elderly and immunocompromised individuals. We strongly evaluate the effect of autophagy inducers in preclinical studies to determine their antiviral potential.


The Immunopathology Research Theme comprises a group of researchers spanning the basic and clinical research continuum and focusing on the immune/inflammatory processes involved in the disturbance and restoration of homeostasis. These activities are rooted in shared visions regarding explorat…

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