Angèle BARRY

Angèle BARRY

If you need medical assistance, you MUST NOT contact the researcher directly. For immediate assistance, call 811 or 911.


Nurse Manager Transplant and hepatology clinics, CHUM

Other Affiliation

Simulation Training Supervisor School of Nursing, Université de Sherbrooke

Research Interests

Asynchronous interactive sessions on computer or tablet, facilitated by a virtual nurse who engages the person in a process of learning self-management skills. Based on the innovative TAVIE™ (Treatment, Virtual Nurse Assistance and Teaching) virtual nursing intervention concept and its computer platform previously developed and evaluated by a team of healthcare and software engineering researchers.

Transplant'Action Connected in liver transplantation
New integrated and connected model of care in liver transplantation by transforming the clinical pathway to increase efficiency and relevance of medical acts. Mobilising all players to provide transdisciplinary care throughout the transplant process with support of patient partners into the healthcare team with utilisation of connected objects to prevent complications and engage patients in their follow-up. Demonstration of the economic validity of the care model and transfer of the model in other organs transplant teams and pathways.


The Immunopathology Research Theme comprises a group of researchers spanning the basic and clinical research continuum and focusing on the immune/inflammatory processes involved in the disturbance and restoration of homeostasis. These activities are rooted in shared visions regarding explorat…

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