Lavoie, Julie L.

PhD, M. Sc., B. Sc.

Principal scientist

CHUM Research Centre

Research theme

Headmistress and professor
Department of Kinesiology, Université de Montréal

514 890-8000, ext. 23612

The patient who needs immediate assistance should not communicate directly with the researcher. Instead, they should call the doctor’s office or take other appropriate measures, such as going to the nearest emergency service.


Renin-angiotensin system, pre-eclampsia, hypertension, obesity, transgenic animals, rodent surgery, telemetry, molecular biology, exercise, physical training.

Research interests

Studies on preeclampsia, a disease which induces hypertension and proteinuria during pregnancy; the effect of exercise training on this pathology in mouse models. We will also evaluate the role of the renin-angiotensin system in the effects of preeclampsia and exercise training on pregnancy.

Obesity-related hypertension: the impact of the local renin-angiotensin system (RAS) in adipose tissue.  Determination of the role of the renin receptor in obesity and its associated complications such as type 2 diabetes.


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