Di Polo, Adriana

Principal scientist

CHUM Research Centre

Research theme

Full professor
Department of neuroscience, Université de Montréal

Canada research chair in glaucoma and age-related neurodegeneration


514 890-8000, ext. 31280

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Other affiliations

Adjunct professor
School of Optometry, Université de Montréal

Groupe de recherche sur le système nerveux central (GRSNC) du FRQS

Réseau de recherche en santé de la vision du Québec du FRQS

Groupe de recherche en sciences de la vision (GRSV)


Vision, retina, retinal ganglion cells, glaucoma, neuron-glia interactions.

Research interests

  • Development of therapeutic strategies for neuroprotection in glaucoma.
  • Identification of signaling pathways that regulate neuronal survival and regeneration.
  • Characterization of neuron-glia interactions in the injured retina.


Publications indexed on PubMed


Glaucoma: seeing the light at the end of the (nano)tunnel

Nanotubes in the eye that help us see

Adriana Di Polo, Recipient of the 2019 Dr. Lewis Rudin Glaucoma Prize

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