Nathalie ARBOUR

Nathalie ARBOUR


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Accredited professor Department of microbiology and immunology, Université de Montréal

Associate professor Department of neurosciences, Université de Montréal

Theme leader Neuroscience research theme, CRCHUM

Research Chair

Chairholder Chaire Claude-Bertrand en neurochirurgie de l'Université de Montréal / Claude-Bertrand Chair in Neurosurgery, University of Montréal

Research Interests

  • Neuroimmunology: interactions between two complex systems: the immune system and the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord).
  • Elucidation of the mechanisms whereby T lymphocytes (CD8 and CD4) attack cells of the central nervous system and thus contribute to the pathogenesis of autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis.
  • Characterization of molecules (ligands, cytokines, intracellular proteins) expressed by the central nervous system to locally modulate immune responses.
  • Impact of cytokines on the functions of cells of the immune system and the central nervous system.


The mission of the Neuroscience research theme is to elucidate the biological, environmental and social mechanisms of neurological diseases and to develop novel and innovative therapies to prevent, treat or cure them. The research activities are grouped into five themes, incorporating clinica…

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