Two student representatives on the scientific committee

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The CHUM Research Centre management is pleased and proud to announce the appointment of a student representative and a postdoctoral fellow representative to its scientific committee. These appointments, a first for the CRCHUM, are already in effect.

Diana Ioana Hotea (Immunopathology Research Theme, laboratory of Nathalie Grandvaux) and Sabri Ahmed Rial (Cardiometabolics Research Theme, laboratory of Gareth E. Lim) will sit once a month alongside the Director of Research, the Deputy Directors, the Axis Leaders and two patient partners.

During their three-year mandate, they will actively contribute to the development of the CRCHUM by bringing the voice of the student community.

In addition to their participation in the scientific committee, the two representatives will co-chair the student committee and ensure the development of activities in collaboration with the scientific assistant director for student and postdoctoral affairs.

Producing internationally renowned scientific research work, the CRCHUM’s research is rooted in its community and provides a dynamic environment for future researchers who will become the trailblazers of the world research scene.

Today, the research centre can count on more than 470 graduate students to improve the health of Quebec’s adult population.

Are you a student at the CRCHUM?

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Two student representatives on the scientific committee