Cellular physiology

Since 2013, the Cellular physiology core facility has specialized in the quantification of analytes (eg hormones, cytokines) present in plasma / serum samples and incubation media using several technological approaches such as ELISA, TR-FRET and AlphaLISA. Our facility has contributed to many publications (see list below) and was the first in Quebec to use AlphaLISA for routine assays in rodents requiring low sample volumes. In recent years, the facility has also adapted a range of more sensitive biochemical methods requiring less sample volume for blood analysis (eg fatty acid, triglycerides, lactate, glucose, cholesterol, etc.). In addition, for assays of human samples, the facility adheres to regulatory requirements of government authorities. Development of new assays: The facility can also, with its industrial partners, develop customized AlphaLISA and TR-FRET assays for new targets for drug screening or biomarker applications.

The core facility also has expertise in morphometric analysis of cells (distribution/frequency of cell areas) and cell masses via immunohistochemistry measurements for islets of Langerhans and adipocytes as well as other cell types. Finally, the facility has a high-throughput cell imaging (HCS) instrument (PerkinElmer's Operetta) to easily quantify cell phenotypic changes such as apoptosis, proliferation, migration, membrane potential, protein translocation, etc.



  • Operetta cellular imager
  • EnVision mutilabel plate reader
  • Nikon microscopic slide scanner
  • High definition Aperio microscopic slide scanner


  • Immunoassay & biochemical determinations
  • Measurement of the mass and morphometry of pancreatic α et β cells
  • Adipocytes morphometry
  • Operetta high content screening (HCS) imaging system

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Supervisor: Erik Joly, Ph.D.
Specialist: Mélanie Guèvremont, M.Sc.
Scientific advisor: Marc Prentki, Ph.D.


514 890-8000, ext. 23608


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