The areas of expertise of the platform are as follows:  

  • Research projects at cellular, tissue and animal levels
  • Complete metabolic phenotyping of genetically modified rodents
  • Evaluation of the effect of pharmacological or molecular interventions on carbohydrate and/or energy metabolism in healthy rodent models, obesity and/or diabetes models.
  • Housing in metabolic cages for indirect calorimetry as well as urine and faeces collection.
  • Telemetry
  • Surgical services
    • Probe implantation
    • Renal ischemia/reperfusion models
    • Many others
  • Imaging services
    • Fluorescence and bioluminescence (IVIS spectrum, ART Optix MX2)
    • Body composition (EchoMRI)
    • MicroCT (SkyScan 1176)
    • etc.

All surgeries, metabolic tests, assays, and data analysis are carried out entirely by our own staff.  

List of services

The CRCHUM’s Small animal phenotyping and imaging core facility offers the following services:  


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