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Bâtisseur award : Jacques de Guise honoured

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Jacques de Guise

The management of the CHUM research centre (CRCHUM) is proud to award the Prix Bâtisseur to researcher Jacques de Guise. This prestigious award will be presented at an event entitled Conversation with Jacques de Guise, to be held on January 22.

A trailblazer in several fields of medical imaging, Jacques de Guise is a visionary researcher and compassionate leader who brings people together. His colleagues praise his willingness to listen, his empathy, his diplomacy and his ability to bridge the gap between very different scientific cultures.

Jacques de Guise served as head of the CRCHUM’s Imaging and Engineering Research Theme until the end of 2021. He became a full professor in the Systems Engineering Department at ÉTS in 1996, and an associate professor in the Surgery Department of Université de Montréal’s Faculty of Medicine in 1999.

His teaching and communication skills have contributed to the education of over 120 students and has fostered the development of the next generation of leading scientists.

Daring research

Jacques de Guise is internationally recognized for his research excellence in the fields of medical imaging, including locomotor and vascular systems, biomechanics and digital image processing.

It’s no accident that he’s the founder and director of the Imaging and Orthopaedics Research Laboratory (LIO), affiliated with ÉTS, the CRCHUM, the CHU Sainte-Justine Research Centre and the Sacré-Cœur Hospital Research Centre in Montreal. The laboratory’s innovations include a biplane, low-dose X-ray system—sold by EOS Imaging—and a knee kinesiography test known under the commercial name KneeKG (Emovi).

Jacques de Guise held the Canada Research Chair in 3D Imaging and Biomedical Engineering from 2004 to 2022 and also held the Marie-Lou and Yves Cotrel Chair of Université de Montréal’s Faculty of Medicine from 2003 to 2023.

Patients first

Beyond his scientific contributions, he has also shown a commitment to applying engineering principles to research and clinical care.

Research teams led by Jacques de Guise always listen to their patient partners, acknowledge and accommodate their pain to ensure that the research being carried out has a real impact on their lives.

In this sense, the Living Lab approach—which puts clinicians, industry partners and patients at the heart of academic research—owes much to him.

His work in building bridges between different disciplines has paved the way for groundbreaking initiatives, including a project funded by FRQS’s Audace Program.

A team player, Jacques de Guise was responsible for introducing a highly original and innovative approach to quality control in his research program, making the LIO one of the first university labs in the world to have an ISO 13485 certified quality management system for medical devices.

In November 2023, the researcher was honoured by his peers at ÉTS, being named professor emeritus, the highest recognition awarded by the institution to a member of its faculty. This distinction is in addition to an honorary doctorate awarded by Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (France) in 2018, and the Prix Bâtisseur now awarded by the CRCHUM.

Come and congratulate Jacques de Guise and listen to him talk about his career as a researcher and what he has learned at the special Conversation avec Jacques de Guise event on January 22 from 4 to 5:30 p.m. in the CRCHUM agora.

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The Prix Bâtisseur honours a CRCHUM researcher for their contribution to the development of the research centre.

Jacques de Guise joins the ranks of illustrious builders who came before him: Jacques Turgeon in 2015; Dr. Pavel Hamet in 2017; Anne-Marie Mes-Masson, Dr. Diane Provencher and Morag Park in 2019; and Dr. Pierre Duquette in 2021.