2022 CRCHUM Awards of Excellence: the Career Award Goes to Dr. André Lacroix

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André Lacroix

For the past 43 years, Dr. André Lacroix has devoted himself to endocrinology, acting in turn—and sometimes simultaneously—as a clinician, professor and seasoned researcher. During his brilliant career, he has contributed to medical education, not only in Quebec, but around the world as well, particularly in many African countries.

A key figure in the CHUM’s Department of Endocrinology, this Cardiometabolic Research Theme researcher has managed to bring the essence of his involvement to clinical and translational research throughout his entire career.

Extending over more than three decades, his research team’s work on pituitary-adrenal diseases, including Cushing’s syndrome, has furthered the scientific community’s understanding of the molecular and genetic mechanisms responsible for adrenocortical tumours and hyperplasia.

A Long-Term Scientific Adventure

In 2021, with his colleague Dr. Isabelle Bourdeau and a French team, he was involved in the discovery of mutations in the KDM1A gene, responsible for the development of a specific food-dependent form of Cushing’s syndrome.

This outstanding breakthrough came almost 30 years after the disease was first described by no less than the research group of Dr. André Lacroix and his CRCHUM colleagues, Dr. Johanne Tremblay and Dr. Pavel Hamet.

Today, the CHUM’s expertise in endocrinology is widely acknowledged, transcending borders. So much so that its investigation protocol for aberrant hormone receptors is regularly called the “Lacroix protocol” by specialists who have adopted it in the United States (NIH), Europe and Japan.

In 2016, he was inducted into France’s National Academy of Medicine as a foreign associate member, on the same day as Rémi Quirion, currently the Chief Scientist of Quebec.

For these reasons, the members of the CRCHUM’s Scientific Board have chosen him as the recipient of the 2022 Award of Excellence in the Career category, in recognition of his outstanding scientific contribution throughout his career.

The official awards ceremony will take place in May 2023 during the CRCHUM researchers’ retreat.

About the CRCHUM research Awards of Excellence

Presented since 2012, the CRCHUM Research Awards of Excellence are honours that recognize the significant contributions of our researchers in the advancement of health research. Award recipients are selected by the Research Centre’s Scientific Committee from among our 160 principal scientists.

2022 CRCHUM Awards of Excellence: the Career Award Goes to Dr. André Lacroix