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$16.4 million and 1 Canada Research Chair for diabetes research

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Martin Lepage (CRCHUS); Dr An Tang, Stéphanie Fulton, Dr Vincent Poitout (CRCHUM); Brigitte Guérin (CRCHUS); Guy Rutter, Jean DaSilva (CRCHUM); Dr André Carpentier (CRCHUS)

Martin Lepage (CRCHUS); Dr. An Tang, Stéphanie Fulton, Dr. Vincent Poitout (CRCHUM); Brigitte Guérin (CRCHUS); Guy Rutter, Jean DaSilva (CRCHUM); Dr. André Carpentier (CRCHUS)

Thanks to an investment of over $16.4 million, a team of scientists from the CHUM and CHUS research centres will be working to detect type 2 diabetes (T2D) earlier, and to optimize and individualize treatment using molecular imaging.

Funding for ImagingT2D: Multimodal Imaging Program for the Prevention and Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes will be provided by the Canada Foundation for Innovation, the Quebec government and several partners, including the CHUM and CHUS foundations.

This major research project will draw on the expertise of internationally renowned researchers in their respective fields: Dr. Vincent Poitout, Jean DaSilva, Stéphanie Fulton, Guy Rutter, Dr. An Tang and François Yu (CRCHUM, Université de Montréal); Dr. André Carpentier, Brigitte Guérin and Martin Lepage (CRCHUS, Université de Sherbrooke); Vera Schrauwen (Maastricht University, Netherlands).

These scientists will be able to count on the support of a vast network of private, industrial and university partners, including two research networks of the Fonds de recherche du Québec—Santé (cardiometabolic health, diabetes and obesity; bio-imaging) led by members of the team.

A better understanding of disease mechanisms

In Quebec, one person in 12 lives with diabetes, and ninety percent of them have T2DM, a “largely preventable” problem, according to the World Health Organization. This disease causes serious complications, particularly for the liver, pancreas, kidneys and nerves.

Today, scientists are unable to measure the metabolic fluxes of these various organs at a cellular and molecular level of precision, and to do so non-invasively. Achieving this would enable a better understanding of the mechanisms responsible for the development of the disease.

With the ImagingT2D project, the research team aims to develop new molecular imaging tools to identify organ-specific biomarkers, improve clinical management and personalize treatment.

Renewal of a Canada Research Chair

On the same theme, the management of the CHUM Research Centre is pleased to announce that Gareth Lim (Cardiometabolic Research Theme) has had his Canada Research Chair in Adipocyte Development (Tier 2) renewed.

The main objective of the Canada Research Chairs program is to recruit and retain the best researchers. The Chairs awarded are in line with Université de Montréal’s areas of research excellence.

$16.4 million and 1 Canada Research Chair for diabetes research