Mandatory training

All CRCHUM members must follow a mandatory training on the responsible conduct of research upon arrival, then every 3 years.

Power Point presentation

***Please note that to respect physical distancing, the training is only available online on the Moodle site.

Students, researchers, research professionals, employees and fund managers; you are invited to do the new mandatory annual training on responsible conduct in research.

The training consists of two modules available online.

Start training

  1. Once on the page click on connexion in the top right corner, you will be directed to another page
  2. Under the word “connexion” enter your P code and your Windows password, you will be directed to another page
  3. In the left-hand column, in the "Navigation" box, click on "Conduite responsable"
  4. You are directed to the course page, then you can choose in which language you want to do the training by ticking the appropriate box.

If you have any questions please contact: Hélène Héon

New students and new employees

The first training module is also offered as part of the new employee training session. Please consult the training session’s calendar for the date and time. No registration required.  Please note the lesson is only offer in French.


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