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The CHUM’s Research Directorate and Media Relations team work with its research teams to let the media and the public know about their discoveries, scientific developments, major funding announcements and other key events.  

They strive to strengthen the CHUM Research Centre’s (CRCHUM) position as Canadian leader in the biomedical science and healthcare field.  

Beyond promoting our cutting-edge research and institutional stories, we put members of the media seeking expert opinions on topical subjects or social issues in touch with relevant CRCHUM researchers.  

The services we provide the CRCHUM community: 

  • Giving advice on how to work effectively with the news media and on what is likely to be newsworthy; 
  • Preparing press releases or media advisories, as well as related material (photos, videos, etc.);  
  • Responding to media and film crew requests; 
  • Helping prepare opinion pieces and editorials;  
  • Promoting successful media engagement through individual support, media training or advice on media strategies; 
  • Monitoring media coverage. 

*Please note that any media organization or member of the CRCHUM community wishing to photograph or film in our facilities must receive prior permission to do so from the people responsible for media relations at the CHUM. 

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