The CRCHUM’s Scientific Day

Journée scientifique

A flagship science outreach event of the organization since 2010, the CRCHUM’s Scientific Day is built around a distinguished lecture given by a researcher of exceptional renown.  

Depending on the subject discussed by the guest of honour, a symposium is organized with oral presentations by researchers from the CRCHUM and other research centres. This annual event allows them to present the results of their most advanced projects through posters.  

Every year, more than 350 people attend the event. 

Attending the CRCHUM’s Scientific Day provides an opportunity to meet inspiring figures in the field of health research.   

  • Over the years, the Research Centre has had the pleasure to welcome: several Nobel laureates: Françoise Barré-Sinoussi, Andrew Z. Fire, Lee Hartwell, Jules Hoffmann, Dr. Robert Lefkowitz, Dr. Ferid Murad and Sir Peter J. Ratcliffe; 
  • renowned scientists: Dr. Dan H. Barouch, Dr. Pierre Corvol, Fabiola Gianotti, Dr. Axel Kahn and Mona Nemer.