Our team’s technical and veterinary staff has several decades of experience in project development and animal models. We will be pleased to provide advice and guidance as you plan and develop your research project.  

We offer the following specialized services:  


  • Animal handling course 
  • Course in aseptic rodent surgery  
  • Training in anesthesia 
  • Course in rodent breeding 
  • Several other types of technical training to meet your research project needs 

Rodent Colony Maintenance 

  • Access to several breeding management experts  

Importing, Exporting and Quarantine 

  • Quarantine section intended for importing animals  
  • Import/export services for rodents and germinal material throughout the world 

Axenic and Gnotobiotic Mouse Sector 

  • Germ-free sector for housing axenic and gnotobiotic mice for short- or long-term studies  


  • Sector set aside for zebrafish maintenance   

Anesthesia, Surgery and Various Rodent Techniques  

  • Anesthesia and surgery services  
  • Rodent handling, including administering products and taking blood samples  

Large Animals 

  • Expertise in anesthesia and postoperative care for large species  

Immunocompromised animals 

  • Rooms and equipment reserved for housing and handling immunocompromised mice  

Biosafety Level 2 

  • Rooms and equipment for the exclusive use of biosafety level 2 studies for mice and rats  
  • Development of a safety protocol for the type of study sought with the collaboration of our biosafety manager  

Other services 

Don’t see the service you need in the list? Contact us! 

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