FRQS competition: over $4.3 million for the CRCHUM community

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Étudiante regardant au microscope

Fifteen researchers from Université de Montréal's affiliated hospital research centre, the CRCHUM, have received a scholarship as part of the Fonds de recherche du Québec en santé (FRQS) scholarship program. The overall funding for the winners exceeds $2.2 million.

The granting organization also highlighted Dr. Jean-Charles Pasquier's exceptional career, awarding him the status of chercheur clinicien chevronné.

During this same 2024-2025 FRQS competition, CRCHUM students and postdoctoral fellows were awarded nearly $2.1 million in scholarships.

The CRCHUM management warmly congratulates them on their extraordinary success and would like to acknowledge Dr. Alain Rivard, Associate Scientific Director, Academic Development, Nicole Bouchard, Coordinator, Academic Development, and Nathalie Grandvaux, Associate Scientific Director, Student and Postdoctoral Affairs for their roles in this success.

Research Scholars

Junior 2 

Marie-Claude Bourgeois-Daigneault (Research theme: Cancer)—Improving viral immunotherapy for breast cancer by increasing viral replication and anti-tumour immunity induced by oncolytic viruses ($295,451)

Martine Tétreault (Research theme: Neuroscience)—Expanding our understanding of neurological diseases by combining omics approaches and functional genomics ($295,451)

Clinical Research Scholars

Junior 1 

Dr.  Martin Girard (Research theme: Imaging and engineering)—Reducing pulmonary complications of mechanical ventilation—the REPCOV program ($163,328)

Dr. Océane Landon-Cardinal (Research theme: Immunopathology)—Improving the identification, prognosis and clinical evolution of patients with scleromyositis ($145,938)

Dr. Géraldine Layani (Research theme: Health innovation and evaluation hub—Intersectoral collaboration in primary care for and with people living with chronic illnesses ($139,887)

Dr. Sami Obaid (Research theme: Neuroscience)—Improving epilepsy surgery outcomes using diffusion neuroimaging ($139,887)

Dr. Nadine Taleb (Research theme: Cardiometabolic)—Characterizing and personalizing the management of Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults (LADA) according to the key pillars of precision medicine: prevention, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis ($163,328)

Junior 2 

Dr. Houda Bahig (Research theme: Imaging and engineering)—Precision radiotherapy guided by imaging for head and neck cancers and lung cancers ($139,887)

Dr. François-Martin Carrier (Research theme: Health innovation and evaluation hub)—Perioperative transfusion morbidity and transfusion sparing: toward an improvement in postoperative outcomes ($160,494)


Dr. Michaël Chassé (Research theme: Health innovation and evaluation hub)—Integration and processing of routinely generated data for improvement of clinical research (INTEGRAL) ($124,584)

Dr. Madeleine Durand (Research theme: Health innovation and evaluation hub)—Improving the health of people affected by chronic and emerging viral infections ($126,556)

Dr. Dominique Trudel (Research theme: Cancer)—Better diagnosing and characterizing intraductal carcinoma of the prostate to identify potential therapies ($124,584)

Dr. Simon Turcotte (Research theme: Cancer)—Metastatic colorectal cancer: immunological characterization and therapeutic use of tumour-infiltrating T lymphocytes ($88,330)

Dr. Daniel von Renteln (Research theme: Imaging and engineering)—Improving endoscopic prevention of colorectal cancer using artificial intelligence and new ablation technologies ($124,584)

Chercheur clinicien chevronné 

Dr. Jean-Charles Pasquier (Research theme: Health innovation and evaluation hub)

More details on the funding and research projects of our research community can be found on the Fonds de recherche du Québec website.

FRQS competition: over $4.3 million for the CRCHUM community