FRQS Competition: Nearly $1.9M for CRCHUM Teams

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Eleven researchers from the CHUM Research Centre received a career award as part of the Research Scholars Program of the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Santé (FRQS). Overall, the funding received by the award recipients amounts to nearly 1.9 million dollars.

The funding organization also wanted to recognize the outstanding career of Dr. Marie-Hélène Mayrand, a CRCHUM researcher, by giving her the status of senior researcher.

The CRCHUM’s management team would like to congratulate them, as well as the students and postdoctoral fellows for their success in the FRQS 2022-2023 competition.

Research Scholars

Junior 1

Eric Samarut (Neuroscience Research Theme) — Functional Genomics and Precision Medicine for Neurological Disorders ($277,526)

Junior 2

Aude Motulsky (Innovation Hub Research Theme) — How to Support the Digital Transformation of Front-Line Services? ($255,947)

François Yu (Imaging and Engineering Research Theme) — Targeted Microbubble- and Ultrasound-Mediated Therapies Against Solid Tumours ($303,086)


John Stagg (Cancer Research Theme) — Role of the Adenosinergic Pathway in Oncology ($100,545)

Clinical Research Scholars

Junior 1

Dr. William Beaubien-Souligny (Innovation Hub Research Theme) — Improving Fluid Management in Severe Acute Renal Failure Contexts ($148,772)

Dr. Laurent Létourneau-Guillon (Imaging and Engineering Research Theme) —Spontaneous Intracerebral Hemorrhage: Improvements in Predicting Hematoma Expansion Based on Imaging ($162,868)

Dr. Quoc Dinh Nguyen (Innovation Hub Research Theme) — Producing conclusive data and developing methods that take the heterogeneity of older people’s health characteristics into consideration in order to personalize care and clinical decision-making ($148,772)

Junior 2

Dr. Catherine Larochelle (Neuroscience Research Theme) — Identifying and Targeting Immune Mechanisms of Neuroglial Damage as a Neuroprotective Strategy in Neuroinflammation ($153,982)

Dr. Valérie Martel-Laferrière (Immunopathology Research Theme) — Optimizing the Delivery of Services for Infection Management in Drug Users ($145,938)

Dr. Daniel von Renteln (Imaging and Engineering Research Theme) — Optimizing Endoscopic Treatment of Precursors of Colorectal Cancer ($73,007)


Dr. Didier Jutras-Aswad (Neuroscience Research Theme) — Clinical Research Program on the Interaction Between Substance Use and Mental Health: Towards Effective and More Suitable Interventions ($126,557)

FRQS training grants for students (master’s, doctoral) or postdoctoral fellows at the CRCHUM


Yan Bertrand (Innovation Hub Research Theme)


  • Mehdi Benlarbi (Immunopathology Research Theme)
  • Marianne Boutin (Immunopathology Research Theme)
  • Audrée Lemieux (Immunopathology Research Theme)
  • Edgard Medawa (Cancer Research Theme)
  • Phillip Fei (Cancer Research Theme)
  • Jamal Ait Ichou (Imaging and Engineering Research Theme)
  • Arnaud Héroux (Imaging and Engineering Research Theme)
  • Bruna Araripe Saraiva (Cancer Research Theme)


  • Kevin L’Espérance (Innovation Hub Research Theme)
  • Sydnée L’Écuyer (Cardiometabolic Research Theme)
  • Victoria Hannah Mamane (Neuroscience Research Theme)
  • Florence Millette (Neuroscience Research Theme)
  • Laura Pelland-St-Pierre (Innovation Hub Research Theme)
  • Karine Thai (Neuroscience Research Theme)
  • Imane Kaci (Immunopathology Research Theme)
  • Geremy Sannier (Immunopathology Research Theme)
  • Stéfanie Parisien-La Salle (Cardiometabolic Research Theme)
  • Noria Tomita (Imaging and Engineering Research Theme)
  • Siyi He (Cardiometabolic Research Theme)
  • Camille Pernègre (Neuroscience Research Theme)


  • Hana Fakim (Neuroscience Research Theme)
  • Fiona Tea (Neuroscience Research Theme)
  • Bettina Zierfuss (Neuroscience Research Theme)
  • Khoudia Diop (Cancer Research Theme)
  • Vera Granikov (Innovation Hub Research Theme)

Resident Physician — Phase 3

  • Dr. Sami Obaid (Neuroscience Research Theme)

FRQS Competition: Nearly $1.9M for CRCHUM Teams