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Élie Bou Assi, Future Leader in Canadian Brain Research

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Elie Bou Assi

Élie Bou Assi, a researcher in the Neuroscience Research Theme, has been recognized by the Brain Canada Foundation as one of 20 Future leaders in Canadian Brain Research.

This important mark of recognition comes with a $100,000 grant over two years. With the 19 other Canadian award recipients, Élie Bou Assi will set out to explore bold avenues of research to refine our understanding of the brain’s workings.

Since 2019, Brain Canada has launched its Future Leaders in Canadian Brain Research funding competition every year to support researchers starting their careers, namely, within five years of starting their first independent research position at a university.

This program is funded by Health Canada through the Canada Brain Research Fund and is financially supported by the Azrieli Foundation, with support from the Alvin Segal Family Foundation, The Arrell Family Foundation, The Barry and Laurie Green Family Charitable Trust, and The Erika Legacy Foundation.

Élie Bou Assi, Future Leader in Canadian Brain Research