The Technology Transfer Process

1. Idea/Promising project 

Front-line interactions with researchers 

  • Identification 
  • Guidance

2. Research

3. Results

4. Strategy for exploiting research results 

  • Disclosure/Dissemination/Publication 
  • Declaration of invention 

5. Declaration of Invention (DI) submitted 

  • The receipt of a declaration of invention (DI) launches the process

6. Internal assessment (CRCHUM) 

  • The DI is analyzed to better understand the invention 

7. External assessment (Axelys) 

  • Technical and commercial analyses 

8. Decision and technology transfer plan 

  • Patenting and marketing strategy (open source, partnership, spin-off) 

9. Intellectual property 

  • Patent application process 

10. Disclosure (publication, presentations, conferences)

11. Project maturation process/canvassing

12. Commercialization and license transaction 

  • Potential company OR creation of a spin-off company 
  • Awarding a license to a company capable of bringing the technology to market 

13. Post-License Management

14. Revenue/Royalties 

  • Distribution of revenue generated in accordance with the CRCHUM’s IP Policy 

*Axelys is the company responsible for managing intellectual property and technology transfer in Quebec.  


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