Student and postdoc activities

Here you’ll find a list of workshops organized by the Assistant Scientific Director of Student and Postdoctoral Affairs.  

Competencies to go  

This series of workshops, led by guest facilitators and specialists from areas related to the field of science, promotes the development of cross-cutting competencies in students and postdoctoral fellows in training at the CRCHUM.  

These workshops allow them to expand their set of relevant skills, both in research development and in building a more diversified range of expertise, paving the way to a myriad of career opportunities. 

– More workshops to come –

Discover your future 

In this series of workshops, guest speakers come and talk about their training trajectory and their careers in many different fields. These people allow students and postdoctoral fellows in training at the CRCHUM to explore new horizons.  

Most of the speakers do not have academic backgrounds. They answer questions about their jobs and show the variety of paths that people can take to achieve their career objectives.  

– More workshops to come –