The CRCHUM’s Scientific Days

Scientific days 2023

The 2023 event will be particularly significant, as our research community celebrates 10 years of bringing together its expertise in basic, clinical and population health research under one roof.  

This year's event will feature a number of high-profile scientific speakers.  

Featured this year: 

Daniel J. Drucker, MD. FRCPC 

Senior investigator 

Toronto University, Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute 

Treatments for diabetes, obesity, and intestinal disorders 

The evolving landscape of GLP-1-based therapies for metabolic disorders


Margareth McCarthy, PhD

Chair of the Department of Pharmacology 

University of Maryland 

Gender differences and the brain 

Sex Differences in the Brain: Intersection of the endocrine, immune and nervous system


François Bénard, MD 

Head of Nuclear Medicine and professor 

Department of Radiology 

University of British Columbia 

Scientific Director of the Centre of Excellence 

Bristish Columbia Cancer Agency  

Functional Cancer Imaging 

Stéphanie Lheureux, MD, PhD 

Clinician Investigator, 

Toronto University, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre 

Early-stage cancer clinical trials 


Viviana Simon, MD, PhD

Professor,  Medicine, Infectious Diseases 

Professor, Pathology, Molecular and Cell Based Medicine 

Icahn School of Medicine, Mount Sinai, NY 

Virus-host interactions, retroviral restriction factors, COVID-19 translational model 

SARS-CoV-2 in the City

Frederick Lewis Altice, MD, MA

Yale School of Public Health

Real-World Implementation of HIV Prevention During Disruptions: Lessons from COVID-19 and War 

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A flagship science outreach event of the organization since 2010, the CRCHUM’s Scientific Day is built around lectures given by researchers of exceptional renown.

Depending on the subject, a symposium is organized with oral presentations by researchers from the CRCHUM and other research centres.

Every year, more than 350 people attend the event. 

Attending the CRCHUM’s Scientific Day provides an opportunity to meet inspiring figures in the field of health research.   

  • Over the years, the Research Centre has had the pleasure to welcome: several Nobel laureates: Françoise Barré-Sinoussi, Andrew Z. Fire, Lee Hartwell, Jules Hoffmann, Dr. Robert Lefkowitz, Dr. Ferid Murad and Sir Peter J. Ratcliffe; 
  • renowned scientists: Dr. Dan H. Barouch, Dr. Pierre Corvol, Fabiola Gianotti, Dr. Axel Kahn and Mona Nemer.