The metabolomics core facility is specialized in the quantification and analysis of key metabolites (<1,500 Daltons) and biomarkers for metabolic diseases by mass spectrometry (targeted metabolomics). Our team has developed several methods for the quantification of many water-soluble and lipid metabolites from biological samples such as of cells, biopsies, tissues, faeces and plasma (See Equipments and services guide). We continuously expand our service offer by developing methods for the quantification of new metabolites. Our technical services are modular and customers can participate at various steps of the analysis process to reduce costs (sample preparation, HPLC, results analysis, etc.).

Our services are available to researchers from universities, hospitals and for projects in partnership with the industry.


  • Water-soluble metabolites quantification
    - Short-chain fatty acids (9 metabolites)
    - Bile acids (13 metabolites)
    - Central carbon metabolism (35 metabolites)
    - Amino acids (23 metabolites)
    - Neurotransmitters (7 metabolites)
    - Biocrates MxP® Quant 500 kit (630 metabolites)
    - Custom method development

  • Self-service HPLC utilization (absorbance and fluorescence detectors, fraction collector)

Equipments and services guide


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Supervisor: Julien Lamontagne, Ph.D.
Specialist: Alexia Grangeon, M.Sc.
Scientific advisor:: Marc Prentki, Ph.D.


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