Unit for Innovative therapies (UIT)


The Unit for Innovative therapies includes the following facilities:

  • 4 beds placed in isolated rooms with individual bathrooms;
  • 11 stretchers placed in separate cubicles.

Each room/cubicle is equipped with a multifunctional computer station that provides access to the patient's electronic medical record and any other administrative research or clinical application.

The beds and stretchers are oriented in a way that allows them to be seen from one of the 3 nursing stations, thus ensuring continuous supervision of the participants.

Each nursing station is equipped with a telephone and 2 computers with monitors and printers as well as a secure space to store confidential documents.

The unit is also equipped with a biosafety level 1 laboratory with a refrigerated centrifuge and biological safety cabinet.

Freezers at -20°C and freezers at -80°C are available on the same floor to store samples and specimens.