The core facility’s services ensure biobanks accessibility, as well as strict quality control of biorepositories and sample traceability. 

Access to our facilities is secured. Our -80 °C and -20 °C freezers are monitored remotely through temperature sensors (ATEK web application). We also use backup freezers.  

Note: Users shall undertake to obtain the necessary approvals (research ethics board, institutional animal care committee, biosafety or other) before carrying out any activity at the CRCHUM or using any core facility service. 

Assistance setting up and monitoring biorepositories   

  • Support getting new biorepositories started (financing approval, biorepository storage information and consent form, documents required for scientific and ethical review)  
  • Support writing requests for samples using the material request form (FDM/MRF) 
  • Introduction to the CTRNet Biorepository Certification Program  
  • Access to standard policies and procedures  
  • Support for the use of space in the biorepositories  

Specimen management 

  • Receipt and storage of specimens 
  • Return of samples or repositories 
  • Handling requests for access to samples for research projects 
  • Rental of spaces (shelves) for blocks or slides  
  • Installation of research teams’ -20 °C and -80 °C freezers 
  • Depending on availability, use of the CRCHUM’s freezers at the Hôtel-Dieu Hospital and, starting in 2024, in the Édouard-Asselin Building 
  • Rental of pathology boxes for paraffin blocks (FFPE) or slides  
  • Transfer of specimens in case of an emergency during the daytime 
  • Technical support and equipment maintenance