Jean-Maxime CÔTÉ

Jean-Maxime CÔTÉ


If you need medical assistance, you MUST NOT contact the researcher directly. For immediate assistance, call 811 or 911.


Clinical investigator CRCHUM

Nephrologist Department of Medicine, CHUM

Other Affiliation

Collaborator University College Dublin

Research Interests

  • Diagnostic and prognosis prediction in acute kidney injury
  • Diffusive and convective renal replacement therapies in the intensive care unit
  • Clinical utility of the Neutrophil-gelatinase associated lipocalin (NGAL) and other biomarkers as markers of tubular damage in acute kidney injury
  • Volume control in acute kidney injury
  • Association between antimicrobial therapies and risk of acute kidney injury


The Immunopathology Research Theme comprises a group of researchers spanning the basic and clinical research continuum and focusing on the immune/inflammatory processes involved in the disturbance and restoration of homeostasis. These activities are rooted in shared visions regarding explorat…

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