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More than 2,000 people work at the CRCHUM. In addition to our researchers, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows, there are more than 900 employees, namely, professionals, support staff and research technicians and nurses.

These employees coordinate the administrative, legal and clinical research aspects of work at the centre. They implement clinical trials, manage laboratory equipment, and oversee health and safety, marketing and finances for our centre.

Many career opportunities are available depending on your area of specialization. Here is a detailed description of the main employment categories that we are seeking to fill:

Clinical research professionnals

With their expertise in clinical research, those professionnals are in charge of conducting research protocols, from project launch to completion. They oversee the everyday activities related to clinical research management and are often called upon to supervise multidisciplinary teams. 

Employés de recherche clinique à leur poste

Research nurse

Members of the OIIQ, research nurses coordinate the medical assessments and care required by research protocols: taking vital signs, taking and handling biological samples, verifying concomitant therapies and medical history, reporting serious side effects, planning and administering the different tests required by the protocols and much more.

Infirmière avec un patient

Biomedical and life science professionals and technicians

Core facility managers, specialists in their fields, offer the research community state-of-the-art technological services to ensure the support needed for creating and maintaining research projects. The services are available for researchers in university, hospital and industrial settings. 

Manipulation de laboratoire par un professionnel de recherche

CRCHUM scientific service core facility professionnals

Specialists in their field, our core facility professionals provide the research community with cutting-edge technological services to support the creation and maintenance of research projects. Services are available to researchers from universities, hospitals and industry.

Employée d'une plateforme

Administrative and management staff

Client service-oriented administrative and management staff serve as resource persons for employees, researchers and students for all questions related to operations, legal aspects, human resources, finances and administrative and IT support. Many of these employees have to provide consulting services and appropriate information to various actors, while others are called upon to handle office and/or secretarial work. 

Deux employées à leur travaillant à leur bureau

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