DuoEmploi: it’s time for the second edition!

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Nyanyui Komlan SILIADIN, Baptiste Marin, Adeline Zilliox, Hiba Dhagar, Farrah Jean-Paul

Presentation of participation badges for the 2023 edition of DuoEmploi
Nyanyui Komlan SILIADIN (CRCHUM), Baptiste Marin (CRCHUM), Adeline Zilliox (ROSEPH), Hiba Dhagar (CRCHUM), Farrah Jean-Paul (CRCHUM).
Not pictured: Annabelle Lessard (CRCHUM)

During Quebec Week for People with Disabilities (June 1 to 7), members from Université de Montréal’s affiliated hospital research centre, the CRCHUM, will welcome two trainees as part of the DuoEmploi initiative set up by the Regroupement des organismes spécialisés pour l’emploi des personnes handicapées (ROSEPH).

For the second year in a row, the CRCHUM community will be welcoming disabled people to spend a day exploring the working environment of a science-based organization.

This experience of employment at the CRCHUM allows trainees to see for themselves the daily lives of the teams in a major research centre, to discover new jobs, to promote their skills and to prepare for their professional journey.

The CRCHUM is one of five inclusive organizations recognized by ROSEPH. So far, it’s the only research centre!

This year, the following individuals or teams will have the pleasure of welcoming one-day trainees:

  • the team of the Unité de recherche clinique en oncologie-hématologie (URCOH);
  • Camille Craig, Executive Assistant.

Through their engagement, their action concretely improves the social participation of people with disabilities. Actions matter when it comes to reducing barriers to employment.

An already very impressive 2023 edition

On May 2, Adeline Zilliox, project coordinator at ROSEPH, presented participation badges to Hiba Daghar, a doctoral student in Alex Parker’s team, and Baptiste Marin, a doctoral student in Sophie Lerouge’s team, for their involvement in the DuoEmploi program.

During the 2023 edition of the program, these two members of the CRCHUM Student Committee welcomed an intern into their work environment for a day. Two days in total at the CRCHUM that will remain marked by their presence, full of warmth, curiosity and humanity.

“The one-day intern I was paired with was very motivated and I really enjoyed interacting with her. It was not a one-sided experience where I just showed what a ‘typical’ working day looks like, but rather a real exchange where we both learned a lot. In short, it was not just a professional experience, but a real human experience.” — Hiba Daghar

According to Baptise Marin, DuoEmploi is a wonderful initiative for introducing people with disabilities to workplaces, especially those that may seem less accessible to them, such as the research community.

“I wanted to participate in DuoEmploi to show people with disabilities that it is possible to work in research with a disability and that one of the benefits of this workplace is the variety of tasks that can be done,” he recalls. “It is possible to adapt many tasks for a wide variety of abilities. DuoEmploi is also a great opportunity to showcase the improvements that can be made to our workplace to make it more inclusive.”

Many thanks to our research community for its warm welcome and openness, and to Annabelle Lessard, Farrah Jean-Paul, Christine Bellefeuille (Human Ressources team) and Nyanyui Siliadin (Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) for their hard work in both iterations of the DuoEmploi program.


Across Quebec, ROSEPH brings together 25 specialized organizations that promote the integration and retention of people with disabilities.

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DuoEmploi: it’s time for the second edition!