Social activities

Adding colour and cheerfulness to the bright walls of the Research Centre is one of the main reasons why the CECRCHUM exists. Liking your workplace has a lot to do with how much you like your job. 

Centrally located in Montreal, a city bursting with amenities, the Research Centre has all the elements for mixing business with pleasure.  

This spirit drives the CECRCHUM to organize recurrent social activities, in the Centre or outdoors, that are open to all students and postdoctoral fellows at the CRCHUM.  

The goal is to allow all CECRCHUM members to get to know their colleagues in the different research themes and to facilitate the informal discussions, ideas and projects that may emerge, contributing to inspiration and creativity within the community.  

Social activities are also ideal opportunities to share concerns or specific issues with CECRCHUM members.  

Recent Social Activities: 

June 2022: Happy hour and barbecue at Montreal’s Parc Lafontaine  

May 2022: Bilingual workshops on the theme of positive mental health presented by Kadia Saint-Onge 

April 2022: Contest for the best logo design for the CECRCHUM  

March 2022: Virtual networking happy hour 

February 2022: Valentine’s Day activity 

December 2021: Contest for the best Christmas decorations  

October 2021: Contest for the best Hallowe’en decorations at the CRCHUM 

September 2021: Back-to-school happy hour in Old Montreal