You will find below the list of equipment for the Molecular pathology core facility.

All this equipment is available with technical support and some of them self-service.

Equipment Manufacturer Model
Automated IHC slide staining system Ventana/Roche Benchmark XT
Automated system for quality control of DNA and RNA samples Agilent TapeStation 4150
Automated RNA and DNA extraction system QIAGEN QIAcube
Cryostat& Leica Microsystems CM1950
H&E slide stainer Shandon Varistain XY
Histology manual tissue arrayer (TMA) Beecher 4508-DM
Label printer GA international Cab mach 1
Microtome& Leica Microsystems RM2125
Microtome Sakura Accu-cut SRM 200
Microscope Olympus Optical BX31TF
Slide scanner Olympus Optical VS110, BX61VSF
Slide scanner Leica Aperio Versa 200
Tissu Arrayer Pathology Devices TM Arrayer

&Equipment available in self-service