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Associate professor Department of management, evaluation and health policy, school of public health, Université de Montréal

Research Interests

My research activities are primarily oriented toward the analysis of adoption and implementation of electronic records and health information exchange networks and their associated features. My focus is on the factors facilitating and hindering the utilization and usability of different tools available to clinicians, as well as the interpretability of clinical data that is shared along the patient trajectory. My objective is to enhance analytic capabilities for clinical purposes and to support decision making for managers and researchers.
I am also working on the evaluation of different technologies which have been developed to improve medication use, such as electronic prescription and electronic medication reconciliation.
I am also interested in semantic interoperability and terminology standards, particularly those related to medication, and their effectiveness and safety profiles.

Health innovation and evaluation hub

This research theme was born out of the desire to make the CHUM a learning, teaching and communicating hospital and to help achieve sustainable development goals related to individual and population health issues. Research at the HUB is therefore multidisciplinary and cross-cutting. Teams con…

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